Farm Cafe & Butcher Shop

Get Farm Fresh Food at Buckely Farm Cafe and ButcherWe are very proud to have our own farm café and butcher on our grounds. It assures that our food is properly handled at every stage of the process and you wind up with clean healthy food you can bring home or let us prepare for you. We offer fresh and frozen options for our beef, pork and chicken.  And of course, we have our farm fresh eggs. The Farm Store also features products from other local producers.


Our full time butcher handles all of our meat with care and expertly prepares every cut. You can come in and choose from our cases or we can custom prepare large orders with proper notice.

When our butcher is done with the beef, we dry age all steaks. You’ll notice that top flight steakhouses feature dry aged selections. Dry aging results in a denser, more tender and more flavorful steak.  Most beef on the market is “wet aged”, which means not aged at all. We also don’t artificially inflate our beef with saline or other agents to increase weight based pricing. Dry aging actually reduces the weight of beef, which most grocers don’t want


You can also eat right at our farm cafe. Odds are it is one of the freshest meals that you’ve ever had. We serve a complete breakfast and lunch. Check out each of the menus by clicking the links below.

Breakfast Menu | Lunch Menu

Our Butcher and Cafe is located on our farm on Route 50 in Ballston Lake.  Please stop by and visit during our open hours!


Friday 8-3
Saturday 8-3
Sunday 8-3


Friday 10-6
Saturday 9-4
Sunday 9-4