About Our Authentic Working Farm in Upstate New York

Professional Butcher Shop and Store Serving Ballston, Saratoga Springs, Albany & the Capital Region

Wm. H. Buckley Farm is committed to responsible farming. We believe our stewardship will result in successful, working farm that will serve our community for years to come.


Our farm is located on a 300 acre historic farm in Upstate New York. The grounds originally supported a dairy farm, but are in the process of being reclaimed and restored to raise grassfed beef, pastured pork and free range chicken and turkeys.

In addition to restoring existing structures on the grounds, we are adding new facilities, making sure to stay true to their heritage, quality and purpose. These improvements have included adding: an onsite farm store, butcher and cafe; a smokehouse; a piggery; and a poultry barn. The farm property also includes the Buckley and Lakeridge Farmhouses, which have been renovated and are available for rental.


We believe that there is only one way to raise animals, the way nature intended. The majority of animals are not raised this way. Modern farming techniques are focusing on quantity, foregoing quality. The end result is inferior food for all, loaded with harmful chemicals, GMOs, antibiotics and other substances detrimental to your family’s health.

Our animals are allowed feed as they naturally would. Our cows graze on grass in open pastures. Our pigs, chickens and turkeys are also raised in open pastures and fed an all natural diet without growth hormones or antibiotics. The result is more flavorful meat and eggs that are cleaner and healthier than most options you’ll find available for you and your children. You’ll notice a difference the first time you try our food.


There is a lot of talk about sustainable and responsible practices coming from the mega-farm corporations that stock our nation’s grocers. But how many will invite you to tour their facilities?

At Wm. H. Buckley Farm, we implement sustainable,  responsible practices. Many are the same used by farmers for centuries before the detrimental changes that took place in the 20th century in the name of “efficiency.”

Our farm is open to all. Come by and see what sustainable and responsible farming means to us, your food and our community.

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